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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Who do I contact for issues?

A: If you have questions about a specific order, orders@maydesigns.com will get you in touch with our super-friendly customer support people based here in Texas. We love hearing from customers, so if you have a suggestion or want to send a note or general question you can contact us at hello@maydesigns.com.

Q: How many pages are there in a May Book notebook?

A: Most books come standard with 80 pages. A few of inside pages have different a slightly different number. (He Loves Me Wedding Planner, Baby Diary, yearly calendar)

Q: Are the May Books canvas covers hard or soft?

A: May Books covers are made from a coated canvas paper, so they are flexible. Durable, but you can bend them. A week of use and it's broken in like a pair of jeans. That's the best part!

Q: Why are May Books sewn and not stapled?

A: We found that with stapled pages, the insides were more likely to come out. Plus, the thread makes the entire book completely recyclable!

Q: I wish you had even more patterns/colors. When are you launching new ones?

A: We launch new patterns several times a year. Follow us (Twitter/FB/newsletter) to get the latest scoop.

Q: I'm wondering if you guys had {fill in the blank} inside pages. Do you take suggestions?

A: We LOVE feedback! Send us an email (or tweet) and if enough people agree - we will gladly consider your request.

Q: I see you feature some people's May Designs pictures on your site. How do I send you my pictures?

A: Send us a picture of your cover, the inside pages, where your May Designs live (purse/suitcase/car?!) and we'll share the love! Make sure to use @maydesigns and #maybooks, #maynotes (Twitter), or post a pic on our FB wall. Of course sending us an email with the picture always works too!

Q: Why does it take 2 weeks or so to get my order?

A: One thing we LOVE about May Books is that your book is literally made to order. The covers are printed individually, matched with the insides you choose, and are then sewn (by a person!) on a sewing machine. Then, they are trimmed to perfection, round cornered, packaged and shipped. Same thing for May Notes! They are printed on demand, trimmed to perfection and matched with your custom envelope choice! It will be worth the wait. Promise.

Q: Hey, I really just want to speak to a live person! What's your phone number?

A: Email is best, but if you really need a call, you can get ahold of us at (888) 526-6887.

Q: What happened to cards and photo books?

A: Recently, a critical security vulnerability was discovered in a piece of software we used for our photo books and photo card products. This security vulnerability made it possible (and pretty easy!) for someone to potentially access to our servers, and effectively gain a foothold to do awful things like take control of our website or steal customer data. We are not about to let that happen!! In response and after careful thought and consideration, we have made the difficult decision to shut down our servers that used the vulnerable software and completely remove photo books and photo cards from our product line at this time. We’re sad to see these products go, but we fully believe your safety and privacy is more than worth it! Email us at hello@maydesigns.com if you have any questions!

Q: Do you offer Rush Shipping?

A: No, not at this time.

Q: Which carrier do you use for shipping within the USA?


Q: Which carrier do you use for shipping to Canada?

A: FedEx.

Q: How do you estimate Canadian taxes & duties?

A: It is $2.20/item.

Q: Do any of your fonts/monogram styles allow accents in the name?

A: Currently no, but we are working on it!