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We are pretty much paper dorks.

We wave our font freak flag high and get giddy over Pantones.

We obsess over the latest patterns and get excited about all the combinations our customers create!

The May Designs Story

It's like choose your own adventure. The short story or the long one.


Mica was sick of using ugly notebooks, so she made some pretty ones.

A Little More.

Logo designer, Mica May, was always a notebook junkie - but couldn’t find the PERFECT one. On a whim, she began designing them for herself, with patterns + insides she wanted. Clients & friends wanted them too, so she threw some patterns up online and May Books was born nearly overnight.

Mica May at coffee shop

When 3pm rolls around, you better believe this girl will be drinking some coffee. She is SERIOUS about her coffee. (She'll probably be downloading her newest favorite font also.)

The Full Story.

The May Books brand was born from designer Mica May, a self-proclaimed font freak and a gal a little crazy about Pantone colors. About a year after college, she launched a boutique graphic design firm (and of course, with that came web design). She was thrilled with company’s success and never meant to venture outside the world of logos again...

The idea for her stylish notebooks came about almost by accident when clients of her design firm began taking notice of the signature notebooks that she brought along to all of her meetings. Over dinner one night, Mica mentioned to her husband that she needed to come up with some “notebook pricing” because a few clients wanted books in addition to their logos. He proclaimed, “People want to buy your notebooks!? Babe, this is your best idea yet!” and within a few more hours, the May Books domain name/logo/and ideal client lists were created.

While this idea was born overnight, Mica took several months of researching paper & binderies (she even went to Paper School!) and, after perfecting her craft, Mica was prepared to officially launch her dream company.

“I feel like the accidental entrepreneur. I simply love what I do and by doing that, I’ve created a brand and a company that makes me excited to get up every day! It thrills me that we send out little packages of fun on a daily basis, and people can’t wait to run to their mailbox to see if their May Book has arrived yet. I never imagined I would be doing this, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”