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Changes & Returns

Can I change my order?

We are so excited to have added the new preview design tool to our website -- so now you can see exactly what you are ordering! Since each May Book and set of May Notes is perfectly printed and stitched just for you, (hooray, completely custom books!!) there are no returns or refunds. Once you design your book or notes with our preview tool and sign off on the proof, you are unable to make changes or cancellations.

Please have a great time with our design tool and make sure your order is EXACTLY as you want it before you hit order!

Can I cancel my order?

I am so sorry, but once you preview your design and sign off in the magic proof box, your order is final. All orders zoom over our printer immediately after they are placed and we cannot stop it from the rest of the production process. Thank you for understanding.

I received the wrong order or my order was incomplete.

Oh no!! We want your order to be perfect! If the printed mistake was due to a May Designs error, we will send you another book/set of notes on the house! Please email us your order number and exactly what is wrong with the book and we will make it right! Kindly allow us 7-10 business days for reprints to ship.

If the mistake was due to an error you made while ordering (misspelled name, reversed monogram order, color choice you are unhappy with) unfortunately we cannot return these items, since they were custom designed and printed per your request.

My order was less than perfect when it arrived in the mail.

Oh no!! We want your products to be gorgeous! One cool thing that we love about our business is that everything is made right here in the United States . . . by people! We have an incredible May Designs team that sew your books, trim the strings, round corner each book, and package them. If somewhere along the way, you feel there there is a quality control mishap, we are happy to fix the mistake. Please send us an email at orders{at} with the problem (and ideally, a quick picture of your mishap so we can fix the issue!).