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Abstract Spring Florals

Painted Bold Floral
Brush Stripe
Abstract Lillies
Layered Lines Blush
Swash Blush
Abstract Hibiscus

Stephanie Ryan 2018


Handwriting Day 2018

Darling Just Believe
Be Fearless
How Magic Feels
Good Day

Valentines Day 2018

Love is all Around
Lots of Love
Lip Service
Color Crush

Pantone Ultra Violet

Classic Tartan Ultra Violet
Harvest Bells Ultra Violet
Classic Stripe Ultra Violet
Ultra Violet Geode

In Bloom

Misty Garden
Sienna Blossoms
Harvest Bells
Antique Bouquet

Fall Fashion Trends

Leopard Print
Poppy Print
Classic Tartan Charcoal
Poppy Print Blush
Leopard Print Blush
Spotted Tan
Classic Tartan White

Geode Collection

Blue Agate


Peony Cobalt
Peony Sky
Peony Peach
Peony Pink

Britt Bass Turner 2017

Britt Bass Turner Basslet
Britt Bass Turner Snorkel
Britt Bass Turner March
Britt Bass Turner Cloudscape

Two Thousand Eighteen

2018 Blush
2018 Fuchsia
2018 Blue

Art Nouveau

Deco Diamond Blue
Cornered Blush
Deco Diamond Black
Shaded Diamond Blush Black
Upward Blush
Prism Peach
Mod Squad Blush Blue
Fluid Blush and Black
Fluid Blush and Blue
Shaded Diamond Blush Blue
Upward Black
Deco Diamond Blush
Prism Blush
Fluid Fuchsia Peach
Cornered Peach Blue
Mod Squad Blush Peach

Jess Phoenix

Jess Phoenix Danube
Jess Phoenix Lotus
Jess Phoenix Pink Blossom
Jess Phoenix Rose

Handwritten Scripture

Fullness of Joy
Sweet Jesus
He is Faithful
Lightens My Darkness

Boho Chic

Boho Chic Dahlia
Boho Chic Lola
Boho Chic Florentina
Boho Chic Mona

Classic Geometric

Basketweave Coral
Lattice Coral
Trellis Blue
Breezeblock Blue
Basketweave Blue
Lattice Blue
Trellis Coral
Breezeblock Coral

Abstract Composition


Palm Springs

Breeze Block Square
Retro Palms
Breeze Block Flower
Retro Diamond

Emily Ley 2017

Emily Ley Fancy Floral
Emily Ley Gold Dots
Emily Ley Happy Stripe
Emily Ley Navy Pineapples

Pineapples and Palms

Pineapples Pink
Pineapples Cobalt
Palms Aqua
Palms Citron

Classic Stripe

Classic Stripe Peach Cobalt
Classic Stripe Cobalt Citron
Classic Stripe Pink Midnight
Classic Stripe Citron Pink
Classic Stripe Aqua Pink
Classic Stripe Coral Cloud
Classic Stripe Cloud Cobalt
Classic Stripe Midnight Peach

Rise Art + The Lucky Few

Rise Wild + Free
Rise Strong + Brave
Rise Sweet + Sassy
Rise Bold + Bright
Rise Sunshine
Rise Airplanes
Rise Butterflies
Rise Floral
The Lucky Few Arrows Black
The Lucky Few Cobalt
The Lucky Few Arrows Blush
The Lucky Few Black

Retro Floral

Retro Daisy
Retro Jasmine
Retro Poppy
Retro Primrose


Shibori Sky
Shibori Grid
Shibori Kaleidoscope
Shibori Shadows

Mid-Mod Geometrics

Honeycomb Pink and Orange
Squared Blues
Woven Neutral
Bevelled Green

Taro Leaf

Taro Leaf Yellow
Taro Leaf Ice
Taro Leaf Blush
Taro Leaf Mint

Birds of a Feather



Marble Pink and Aqua
Marble Cobalt and Ice
Marble Peach and Sky
Marble Ice and Yellow

Abstract Fall Florals

Ink Spatter
Autumn Garden
Vertical Stripe
Peach Posy
Tumbling Blooms
Free Stroke

Art Deco Metallics

Art Deco Journal
Art Deco Take Note
Art Deco Plans
Art Deco Notebook

Abstract Color Wash

Abstract Sunset
Abstract Lily Pads
Abstract Cotton Candy
Abstract Sweet Sangria

Blue Porcelain

Blue Antique Floral
Blue Arabesque Scallop
Blue Medallion
Blue Classic Diamond


Woodblock Circles
Woodblock Lines
Woodblock Composition
Woodblock Triangles

Colorful Kilims

Sonora Sunset
Mesa Mirage
Desert Rose
Diamond Sky

Vintage Tile


Modern Naturals

Classic Stripe Charcoal
Classic Stripe Steel
Classic Stripe Rust
Classic Stripe Slate
Pocket Square Steel
Pocket Square Slate
Pocket Square Kraft
Pocket Square Charcoal
Minimalist Charcoal
Modern Kraft
Minimalist Steel
Minimalist Slate
Solid Kraft
Solid Slate
Solid Rust
Solid Charcoal

Shaded Initials

Shaded A
Shaded B
Shaded C
Shaded d
Shaded E
Shaded F
Shaded G
Shaded H
Shaded I
Shaded J
Shaded K
Shaded L
Shaded M
Shaded N
Shaded O
Shaded P
Shaded Q
Shaded R
Shaded S
Shaded T
Shaded U
Shaded V
Shaded W
Shaded X
Shaded Y
Shaded Z

Rainbow Bright

Modern Stripe Rainbow
Double Rainbow
Sunshine and Rainbows


Polka Dot Blush
Rugby Stripe Blush
Modern Classic Blush
Modern Stripe Blush
Polka Dot Light Pink
Rugby Stripe Light Pink
Modern Classic Light Pink
Modern Stripe Light Pink
Polka Dot Pink
Rugby Stripe Pink
Modern Classic Pink
Modern Stripe Pink
Polka Dot Mauve
Rugby Stripe Mauve
Modern Classic Mauve
Modern Stripe Mauve
Polka Dot Purple
Rugby Stripe Purple
Modern Classic Purple
Modern Stripe Purple
Polka Dot Burgundy
Rugby Stripe Burgundy
Modern Classic Burgundy
Modern Stripe Burgundy
Polka Dot Red
Rugby Stripe Red
Modern Classic Red
Modern Stripe Red
Polka Dot Tangerine
Rugby Stripe Tangerine
Modern Classic Tangerine
Modern Stripe Tangerine
Polka Dot Gold
Rugby Stripe Gold
Modern Classic Gold
Modern Stripe Gold
Polka Dot Pear
Rugby Stripe Pear
Modern Classic Pear
Modern Stripe Pear
Polka Dot Green
Rugby Stripe Green
Modern Classic Green
Modern Stripe Green
Polka Dot Ocean
Rugby Stripe Ocean
Modern Classic Ocean
Modern Stripe Ocean
Polka Dot Aqua
Rugby Stripe Aqua
Modern Classic Aqua
Modern Stripe Aqua
Polka Dot Ice
Rugby Stripe Ice
Modern Classic Ice
Modern Stripe Ice
Polka Dot Cobalt
Rugby Stripe Cobalt
Modern Classic Cobalt
Modern Stripe Cobalt
Polka Dot Sky
Rugby Stripe Sky
Modern Classic Sky
Modern Stripe Sky
Polka Dot Navy
Rugby Stripe Navy
Modern Classic Navy
Modern Stripe Navy
Polka Dot Peacock
Rugby Stripe Peacock
Modern Classic Peacock
Modern Stripe Peacock
Polka Dot Black
Rugby Stripe Black
Modern Classic Black
Modern Stripe Black
Polka Dot Gray
Rugby Stripe Gray
Modern Classic Light Gray
Modern Stripe Gray

Solid Classics

Solid Orchid
Solid Purple
Solid Mauve
Solid Pink
Solid Blush
Solid Mid Pink
Solid Melon
Solid Red
Solid Peach
Solid Orange
Solid Yellow
Solid Pear
Solid Mint
Solid Green
Solid Ice
Solid Aqua
Solid Cobalt
Solid Peacock
Solid Gray