founder & ceo


Our fearless leader and friend! Mica is always dreaming of the next big thing. She brings life to the party (along with some rosé) and loves all things rose gold! If she isn’t at the office, she’s busy spray painting something pink, finding trendy steals at IKEA, or having dance parties in the kitchen with her three kids. She goes hard. “No” isn’t in her vocabulary. Still not sure if she ever sleeps.

creative director


Heather is a creative genius. She has an eye for color and detail, comes up with incredible ideas, and then executes them. From notebook patterns, to photo shoot set-up, to her wardrobe, she has some serious taste. She also has two adorable sons who will literally melt your heart if you look at them. Be careful.

senior designer


Saying Courtney has a knack for design is an understatement. Whether she creates patterns, hand lettering, or custom orders, she exceeds expectations. She’s a hard worker and she designs the loveliest things. She’s also the newest MD mom! Yay for more pics of #MDkids

senior designer


Allison is a Bad A. We’re so glad she moved to Austin to work at May Designs because she brings confidence, humor, and drive to the office. She’s a go-getter and a super talented designer. Whether you need to get a job done or just want a friend to chill with, she’s your girl.

logistics + communications manager


Kemper loves putting dreams and ideas into motion. Give her a task and she’ll get. after. it. (mostly because she loves crossing things off her to do list!) She’s all about keeping our customers happy and maintaining all the things. Loves: the grocery store, town lake trail, live music, margaritas, traveling.

customer concierge


Amy is THE. BEST. From the second she started at MD, she has been a customer service ninja.  She is dependable and organized, she learns things immediately (it’s amazing), and she is trustworthy and wise. Amy is always willing to help, always positive, and always looking super cute. #goals.

web developer


From Day 1, Jon has KILLED IT. He makes our website better than ever, improves all the tech-things, and has the most adorable son. Combine amazing work ethic with genuine kindness and you get Jon. When in doubt, Jon can fix it (yes, he can🎧)).