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Meet May Designs

Our Story

May Designs is a lifestyle brand specializing in customized notebooks, stationery, and more! At our core, we are a team wanting to bring beauty to everyday moments. The flagship product is the May Book, a simple notebook that can be customized to reflect each customer’s style; in three different sizes, it lays flat and fits nicely in your purse.

The heart behind each product is allowing customers to create something that makes everyday life more beautiful. May Designs has been featured by Good Morning America, The Today Show, Real Simple and was named one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!

Mica May

Meet May Designs Founder and CEO Mica May! This idea came about by accident when design clients began taking notice of the signature notebooks that she brought to meetings. She capitalized on the momentum of interest and switched her focus from graphic design to perfecting a physical product. Some grassroots PR effort landed a feature on Good Morning America which catapulted her tiny hobby into a national brand! As a wife and mother of three young kids, Mica is always striving to find the perfect balance between running a business, being a mom and loving on her husband.

What We Do

Based in Sunny ATX

Office Culture

Here at May Designs, company culture is a priority. We love to celebrate all of life's special moments! Here are few of our favorite things about life in the #MayDesignsStudio:

-Weekly cocktail hour (seriously, it's the best. cue ALL the cheese, wine and craft cocktails)

-We're based in the middle of Austin, Texas! TexMex is a very real (and serious) thing.

-Chick-fil-A is our go-to. We may or may not have dressed up like cows once or twice before (in the name of free chicken).

-Peonies are our favorites!

-We dream in blush and aqua!

Pattern Creation

Walk into our studio on the skirts of Downtown Austin and you're most likely to catch our team working on an upcoming collection! Fueled by tacos and Starbucks, we love tackling pattern creation to resonate with all types of people. Whether you're obssessed with crazy fun abstract designs, prefer to keep it traditional with geometrics, or find yourself in between, we can help out!

We've also been rumored to celebrate #NationalDonutDay to the extreme. Cue ALL the donuts and sprinkle patterns. *praise hands emoji*

Content & More

We are all about getting innovative, customized products to your door step! Our mission is to give you the tools to create a product that makes you squeel and say "this is SO me!" In addition to these products, we love bringing content that will brighten up your every day! We curate coctail recipes (#MDCocktails), release free digital wallpapers each month, and share all of our pattern inspiration over on our blog. Basically, we just want to do all the fun things and bring you into it!

Oh Hey!

Have a great idea, need assistance, or simply want to say hello? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to send a shout to, follow us on Instagram, or send cookies to the address listed below (but seriously... we love cookies). Talk to you soon!

Address: May Designs 3402 Kerbey Lane Austin, TX 78703