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Maximizing the Day

We are thrilled to launch the Appointment Book inside page! This inside page is made with the ultimate planner in mind. Whether you opperate on an appointment/meeting based schedule, or just love to maximize every hour to get stuff done, this is the inside page for you. Here are the details:

-26 Nondated weeks (that's six months!!)

-Room for notes at the bottom of each appointment spread

-Lined spreads for list making, extra notes and inspiration!

We are thrilled with these functional, streamlined inside pages and cannot wait to see how you use them!

A look inside

Room to Plan

The Appointment Book is exclusive to our Large Size, giving you ALL the room to plan. Covering six months + 21 spreads of notes, this calendar is an incredible companion for person who frequently references their schedule.

Hour by Hour

Operate on an hourly basis or just love to maximize the day's moments? These appointment spreads are designed to keep your schedule in check, covering 6AM-10PM over the course of 26 nondated weeks!


To accompany hourly planning spreads, we've included plenty of room for notes! Whether it's particular notes about a client, favorite quotes, or just the day's thoughts, feel free to jot them down here.

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A look inside