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Introducing the May Designs 2017 Desk Calendar!


The Details

The Perfect Desk Accessory

We are so excited to launch a brand new desk calendar for 2017! Check out the details:

-Vibrant, May Designs original patterns.

-Each card is 5x7 inches and printed on our luxe white paper for lasting quality

-The stack of cards fit perfectly on the clear easel for a super polished look!

-Reuse the calendar by turning each page into a note! After the month is over, flip over the card, cut along the dotted line, and write a note to a special someone. Each month has a different, fun greeting to get you started!

Patterns on Patterns

With all of your favorite May Designs designs, this calendar might just be your new work BFF.

-12 colorful, bright patterns... making it easy to celebrate every month of the year.

-Hand lettering by our in-house design team

-Several never-before-seen patterns, totally unique to the Desk Calendar!