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Oh no! You loved our folios so much, we're currently sold out of several styles. We will be restocking ASAP!

Introducing May Designs Leather Folios for our classic sized notebooks!!


SOLD OUT - Blush - $75

SOLD OUT - Aqua - $75

SOLD OUT - Color Block Magenta/Nude


SOLD OUT - Color Block Ice/Aqua


SOLD OUT - Color Block White/Blush


SOLD OUT - Color Block Fig/Blush


SOLD OUT - Peonies - $80

SOLD OUT - Crystal - $80

SOLD OUT - Irregular Dots - $80

SOLD OUT - Tumbling Blooms - $80


What IS a folio!?

Let us introduce you to your new BFF! Need a home for all your May Books? Oh, we got you. These leather folios are specifically designed to hold your May Books, while making your life a little simpler, and a lot more lovely. Here are the details:

-Invidually sewn to perfection here in the USA

-Genuine smell-good leather

-Double inside pocket (hellloooo stickers + business cards)

-Comfortably holds four Classic May Books

-Shiny brass rivet closure!

Handmade With Care

Here at May Designs, we pride ourselves on making durable, amazing produts made here in the USA. As we were developing folios, we knew we wanted to keep this integrity! Check out this video to get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of this new product.

Genuine Leather

We are proud to say our folios are made with a super soft, smell-good leather! The closure is a super shiny brass slit/knob combo, making the folio just the classiest on the block.

Inside Pockets

Tailored to perfection, these inside pockets are great for stickers, business cards, favorite photos, and all those important reciepts you probably shouldn't lose!

Stock Up

Our folios comfortably hold up to FOUR May Books!! That means you can put an Agenda, Adult Coloring Book, Health + Fitness Journal, and a Meal Planner all in one place. Dreams do come true.