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Noonday Collection Spring 2017

Noonday Dadhi

Noonday Metropolitan

Noonday Nebula

Noonday Illume Rust

Noonday Spring 2016

Noonday La Bella

Noonday Ash and Cloud

Noonday Sun Bloom

Noonday Latifa

Handwriting Day 2017

Work Hard Play Hard

Straight Killin It

First I Drink the Coffee

Magic Monday

Stephanie Ryan

Soft Breezes




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Meet the May Book.

When CEO Mica May couldn't find the perfect notebook that felt just right, she made her own. The result is the May Book, a simple little notebook that can be customized and monogrammed to reflect your style. It lays flat and fits nicely in your purse.

Our canvas covers are durable, water-resistant, and, after a few days of use, wear in like your favorite pair of jeans. Both our notebooks and stationery are eco-friendly and handsewn in the USA. Design yours »


Inside Pages

2017 Agendas

2017 Agendas

We pulled out all the stops in rethinking our 2017 Agendas. With the addition of our large format notebooks, we now have five (yes 5!) different 2017 agendas options for you! Classic Blush, Classic Black + White, Classic Months + Dots, Large Blush and Large Aqua. Awesome, right?

Whether you need the extra space the Large gives you to plan out your life or you prefer the compact perfection of the Classic, take control of your year. Learn more »


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