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Welcome! We love keeping life simple and beautiful, ideals undeniably embodied by every May Designs product. Our flagship product is the May Book, a simple little notebook that can be customized and monogrammed to reflect each customer’s style – it lays flat and fits nicely in your purse. Our covers are durable, water-resistant, and, after a few days of use, worn-in like a favorite pair of jeans. Both our notebooks and stationery are made in the USA, eco-friendly, and always ready for a feature. For a full press kit or a customized sample, email





Our most popular items are our agendas, which are the perfect mini-calendars to stick in your purse, kitchen drawer, glove compartment, wherever. We have eight types of agendas because we know not all people organize, plan, and prepare the same way. Whether your style— both inside and out— aligns with the 2016-2017 Academic Agenda (available in both blush and aqua!), the 2016 Months + Weeks Agenda, the 2016 Months + Dots Agenda, or one of our many Non-Dated Agendas, we’ve got you covered. Click here to see high-res photos of our agendas.


We love showcasing our products to our media, fellow bloggers and designers— really, anyone who wants to look! We have hundreds of ready-to-go white background and lifestyle photos taken by our in-house photographer that can be used for press. Click here to see what we have, or email with requests. Our team can quickly mock up any pattern/monogram option for you to fit into a perfect press opportunity!