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About the Program

While we here at the May Designs studio enjoy our e-commerce platform, there’s no denying the freshness and thrill of finding a May Book in a fabulous brick-and-mortar shop— and that’s why we love our retail program! Currently, over 200 stores across the nation carry May Designs products. Our retailers can design books or May Notes (i.e., stationery) they believe best fits their customers, shop, and community (which, when we get down to basics, is what we’re all about).

We’ll also feature our retailers and their fantastic displays on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and our blog— so get creative with how you show off your stellar new fashion-forward (yet ever-classic) paper products.

We are so thrilled to have our May Designs products in stores and on the ground; after all, there’s no group of people who believe in the power of the tangible (notebooks to shops alike) than the May Designs team.

Sign Up + Contact

If you’d like to join our retail program, please fill out our contact form. After we hear a bit about your store, we'll set you up as a May Designs distributer, and you'll be ready to order. Simple, fun, real.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a minimum order for May Books, cards, and/or May Notes?

A: No, there's not! You are able to order as much or as little as you want!

Q: How much do May Books cost in the retail program?

A: We have special wholesaler pricing! Contact us for details.

Q: What part of the May Book can I customize?

A: All of it! The outside/inside canvas covers & the inside pages too!

Q: How about cards and May Notes?

A: Front and back! But really— whatever you think best fits your customers!

Q: Who else carries May Designs products?

A: See our list of nationwide retail program participants here!