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An exclusive collaboration featuring mini letters + animals

with studio artist Starla Michelle!

The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

While these are a wonderful gift year-round, we love how easily these mini May Books lend themselves to stocking stuffers. Have a friend obsessed with elephants? Check! Couldn't think of anything to get your girl Sarah? This will do.

We had a little pop-up shop with Starla at Anthropologie premiering these designs, and LOVE how excited you guys were to pair a letter with its correlating animal. Check out more of the pop up shop over on the blog!

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Meet Starla

Starla Michelle

We are so excited to continue our collaboration with Austin-based studio artist, Starla Michelle!! We stumbled across her designs in Anthropologie a little while ago, and immediately fell in love. Her vibrant, abstract paintings caught our eye, specifically the animals and letters! Because her work is filled with such childlike-wonder, expression and joy, we knew we had to put them on our mini May Books.

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