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Questions? We've got answers.

Q: Are there any minimums?

A: Nope! We're so excited to offer custom branded products without any of the traditional ordering obstacles. No minimums, no middle man, and quick turnaround times! Whether you want one branded notebook for personal use, or 300 branded books for corporate gifting, our logo uploader lets you place an order through our website in minutes.

Q: How does pricing work?

A: We offer bulk pricing based on quantity. The more books you order, the more discounted they are :) Please note that if you're able to take advantage of our tiered pricing, other sales and discounts might not apply.

Q: What if I want to send in my own cover design or inside page file?

A: You can definitely do that! Please give us some more info here and we'll reach out with next steps.

Q: Can I adjust the logo size on each product?

A: We have size restrictions in place to ensure your logo has the best placement and crispness possible. Trust us, we want your product to look PERFECT!

Q: What types of files will work?

A: We can accept PNG, SVG, or JPG images of at least 400x400 pixel dimensions, and they must be less than 10MB in size. We highly recommend using a transparent PNG or SVG file to allow the most flexibility with your design. PDF, PSD, and AI files cannot currently be used.

Q: Why do I need permission to use a logo?

A: US copyright laws require permission from the copyright holder for use of that artwork.

Q: Why don't certain designs allow me to upload a logo?

A: There are several artist collaboration collections on our site, and those designs are not licensed to allow logos.  Good thing there are LOTS of other awesome designs to choose from!

Need something more custom? Let us know here!