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Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Who do I contact with an issue?

A: If you have questions about a specific order, will get you in touch with our super-friendly customer support people based here in Texas. We love hearing from customers, so if you have a suggestion or want to send a note or general question you can contact us at

Q: Can I change my order?

A: We are so excited to have added the preview design tool to our website -- so now you can see exactly what you are ordering! Since our products are perfectly printed and stitched just for you, (hooray, completely custom books!!) there are no returns or refunds. Once you design your item with our preview tool and sign off on the proof, you are unable to make changes or cancellations.

Please have a great time with our design tool and make sure your order is exactly as you want it before you hit order!

Q: Is it possible to cancel my order?

A: Once you preview your design and sign off in the magic proof box, your order is final. All orders zoom over our printer immediately after they are placed and we cannot stop it from the rest of the production process. Thank you for understanding!

Q: How many pages are in a May Book notebook?

A: All of our May Books come with a standard number of pages. Minis have 64 pages, classics have 80 pages, and larges have 96 pages. A few inside page options in our Classic May Books have different a slightly different number.

Q: What are the dimensions of your notebooks?

A: Minis are 4 x 5.75 inches. Classics are 5 x 8 inches. Larges are 7.5 x 9.75 inches.

Q: Are the May Books canvas covers hard or soft?

A: May Book covers are made from a coated canvas paper, so they are flexible. Durable, but you can bend them. A week of use and it's broken in like a pair of jeans. That's the best part! To ensure that our gold foil prints as best as possible, we use a different cover paper on any gold foil patterns.

Q: Why are May Books sewn and not stapled?

A: We have found that with stapled pages, the insides were more likely to come out! Plus, the thread makes the entire book completely recyclable!

Q: Hey, I really just want to speak to a live person! What's your phone number?

A: Email is best and fastest (we promise!), but if you really need a call, you can get ahold of us at (888) 526-6887.