Our leather and vegan leather folios are perfect to keep your classic size notebooks protected and keep you organized and ready to roll.

Our leather folios hold up to four notebooks with four bands to hold each book safely in the center. Our vegan leather folios are perfect for one to two books with the cover slipping into each side of the folio cover. Both options are durable and lightweight.

Leather Folio

May Designs leather folios hold up to four Classic size notebooks. Made with high quality genuine leather, our leather folios are as durable as they are beautiful. Our original design is fashionable and functional, with a modern envelope style flap closure.

• Elastic bands hold notebooks in place
• Stitched pockets on front cover to store cards, stickers, papers, etc.
• Brass rivot closure

• Three color options

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Vegan Leather Folios

Our Vegan Leather Folios can be customized with your favorite pattern and hold up to two Classic size notebooks. With an elastic closure, this is a great way to protect your notebooks as well as have everything you need in one place. These folios have plenty of pockets on both front and back covers to keep you organized.

• Holds up to two Classic notebooks, cards, cash and planning stickers 

• Pockets located on both the front and back

• Elastic closure

• Choose from any of our patterns for the cover design