These advent tags were created to be multi-purpose, since there are so many ways to countdown to Christmas! From individually wrapped presents to jotting down holiday bucket list activities, our printable tags are great for all your ways of counting down each day until Christmas day!

Advent large numbers

These large format numbers are super fun to add to any gift wrap + packaging for an easy countdown to Christmas!

Mica May's family does a special tradition where they read a Christmas book each day, beginning on December 1st! She wraps each book and labels it with the day to unwrap and so so fun for the kids to have a present every day in December leading up to Christmas!

Holiday Bucket List Activities

We've created 25 holiday + festive activities to do, like "holiday movie marathon" and "drive to look at lights". Simply download, print, and cut them out, and you can put them into envelopes, mini stockings, anything you can dream up!!