The Lucky Few: Patterns with a Purpose



The Lucky Few Foundation

The Lucky Few Foundation is a global storytelling movement, shifting narratives to create a more inclusive world where everyone belongs. The Foundation ensures that family members, friends and loved ones of a person with Down syndrome have the opportunity to share what it means to be part of “the lucky few,” and everyone else has the opportunity to access it. To learn more about The Lucky Few Foundation and browse their collection of incredible, everyday stories, visit The Lucky Few Foundation.

about this collection

Mica May and Heather Avis met years ago at a retreat for mamas with kids with Down syndrome, and instantly hit it off. The two became fast friends and the years since that first meeting have been full of texts, phone calls and in-person hangs, as they support one another in their journey of raising kids with kids with Down syndrome. They both advocate for the Down syndrome community and spend their days shouting the worth of people with Trisomy 21 and each strive to create a more inclusive world where everyone belongs.

The lucky few tattoo design

This collection is inspired by The Lucky Few Tattoo and the phrase coined by Heather Avis, mother of three adopted children, two with Down syndrome, in her book, The Lucky Few! The arrow pattern came when Mica designed a simple tattoo to celebrate being the parent of a child with Down syndrome. After getting this tattoo with a couple of her friends, the symbol went viral and soon, people all over the nation were getting inked! Thousands of people now have #theluckyfewtattoo and our designs mimic the now recognizable tattoo!!