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This hot pink necklace was created by Mica May. She designed a tattoo several years ago, you can read more about here! The 3 arrows concept has become an icon within the Down syndrome community and she is so honored how widely the design has spread.

The Lucky Few Necklace was inspired by the newly released Barbie with Down syndrome, who features Mica's arrow design as a necklace on the actual Barbie!



The iconic 3 arrow design is printed on a 3D printer and pink silicone beads are used to make a stunning replica of the necklace featured on the doll herself.

• Arrow: 2” high x 1" wide
• Material: 3D printed charm and silicone beads
• Necklace: Stretch so it fits adults and kids

3D Printed on demand and assembled in Austin, TX.

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More about lucky few tattoo design

The arrow pattern came when Mica designed a simple tattoo to celebrate being the parent of a child with Down syndrome. After getting this tattoo with a couple of her friends, the symbol went viral and soon, parents all over the nation were getting inked! Thousands of people now have #theluckyfewtattoo and our designs mimic the now recognizable tattoo!!

May Designs designed a collection, inspired by the three arrows, which has grown into several collections that give back 100% of their proceeds. You can see all of our Lucky Few collections below!

The Lucky Few Tattoo and the phrase was coined by Heather Avis, mother of three adopted children, two with Down syndrome, in her book, The Lucky Few!