an easter egg decorating craft

Alcohol Ink Dyed Eggs

Have you ever wanted to try to create beautiful Easter eggs, but don't feel like an artist?! This DIY is for you! You can do this craft with hard boiled eggs, or plastic crafting eggs found at your local craft store. The process is so easy and kids love to help with each step! From littles to adults, this is an easy way to achieve some spring decor - with a beautiful marble effect, using alcohol ink to dye the eggs.

easy easter egg DIY

Alcohol Ink Supply List

For this DIY Easter egg project, you will need:
1. Eggs. You can use crafting eggs or hard boiled eggs.
2. Alcohol Inks. You can buy these on Amazon or at your local craft store!
3. Rubbing alcohol.
4. Eye droppers or plastic pipettes for the rubbing alcohol.
5. Rubber gloves. This can stain your hands, so you might want some gloves just in case!

How to DIY easter eggs with alcohol ink


Gather your supplies. We recommend crafting eggs but you can absolutely use hard boiled eggs!
*If you use hard boiled eggs, the alcohol ink is not food safe, so don't eat the eggs!


Drop a few drops of rubbing alcohol on your first egg. We suggest a dropper or pipette for this process, but a little spray bottle also works really well! Just use what you have around your house!

step three

Grab your favorite alcohol ink colors and put a few drops on the egg. You can do 2 colors at a time if you want! There is no wrong choice, it's going to look amazing no matter what.


Add a few more drops of rubbing alcohol to blend the inks. If you don't like how something looks, just use more alcohol and it will fade the colors. For brighter eggs, use a little less alcohol.


Repeat this process, using different colors on each egg. Try different combinations, and you can even create a monochromatic look or ombre style egg by leaving a lot of white at the top!

step six

Add these eggs to a basket or bowl for a gorgeous display for the Spring and Easter season. Get creative! They could be used on your brunch table as placeholders or decor anywhere!

personalize your favorite alcohol ink pattern

Alcohol ink collections

We have used alcohol inks to create many of our designs for our products! Here is a round up of each of the patterns we offer that were created in this alcohol inks. Many of the products we designed for Target use this technique, so you can find them on the aisles in Target stores nationwide or you can personalize your favorite pattern and product to put your favorite touch on it!

need another diy project?!


If the alcohol ink DIY isn't your favorite. or you've already done it, here is another egg craft to try!

These silk "tie" dye Easter eggs turn out so beautiful, it's really easy and kids love this too! You use 100% silk ties to transfer the pattern onto your eggs, they are truly mini masterpieces!