an easter egg decorating craft

Silk "Tie" Dyed Eggs

Have you ever wanted to try to create beautiful Easter eggs, but don't feel like an artist?! This DIY is for you! Grab some (old!) or head to your local thrift store and grab some silk ties and fall in love with this fabulous way of decorating easter eggs. The process is so easy and kids love to help with each step! From littles to adults, this is an easy way to achieve some spring decor - without all of the mess of all that dye all over the place.

How to DIY easter eggs with silk ties


Gather or hunt our local goodwill/thift store for colorful silk ties. The more vibrant the color, the better the eggs will turn out!


Make sure your ties are 100% silk. This is the key thing that makes this project work! It will usually say right on the tag and designate that it is, 100% silk.

step three

Most ties have a lining, so cut the tie in half vertically to create two equal sections large enough to wrap the egg entirely.


Place the egg in the center of your swatch with the pattern facing TOWARD the egg. The pattern will transfer exactly as it appears, so try and eliminate as many folds as you can!


You can use rubber bands or twisty ties to make it nice and tight at the top. The rubber bands are slightly more difficult to get off at the end, so twisty ties are preferred.

step six

Repeat with all of your eggs to fill up a carton, or however many ties you have! You can use scraps of ties too, so you eliminate as much waste as possible!

step seven

Use some white fabric - you can use an old pillow case or sheet, old t-shirt, even tiny white socks to help the colors not all bleed together and make the water murky.

seven eight

Add 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of white vinegar to a large pot to boil your eggs! You are mainly wanting to bring them to a roaring boil so the color transfers well.

step nine

Voila! Unwrap each egg carefully to reveal each little masterpiece! It's such a surprise and delight to see how all the colors transfer - some are much different than you expect - which is all part of the fun!

need another diy idea?!

alcohol ink egg diy

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These alcohol ink Easter eggs turn out so beautiful, it's really easy and kids love this too!