Patterns with a Purpose: 100% Gives Back!

meet jackson!

Mica May, our Founder and CEO has a son, Jackson, who was born with Down syndrome. We are so honored to celebrate him and others living with Down syndrome. Please join us in making a difference today, one notebook at a time! This collection was born out of a desire to have patterns that give back to organizations supporting kids (and young adults!) with special needs. Your support of this collection truly makes a difference, as May Designs has given tens of thousands of dollars throughout the past decade from the sales of these beautiful designs! Read more about Jackson's story here!

the rise art collection

May Designs worked with the students of The Rise School (in Houston and Austin!) to create gorgeous works of art, crafted by their students! A few days full of sensory play with paint, spray bottles, brushes of all kinds, and several stunning pieces were created! These designs turned into patterns with a purpose - so the notebooks, tumblers and stationery can be personalized for gifts that give back! Proceeds from the Rise Art Collection helps to raise awareness and provide better education for children with special needs through the Rise School and other initiatives. All three of Mica's children have attended The Rise School and believe their mission is so important! The Rise School is pre-school that provide the highest quality early childhood education for all children in an inclusive setting, where individualized learning techniques enable every child to achieve their maximum potential.

The lucky few tattoo design

This collection is inspired by The Lucky Few Tattoo and the phrase coined by Heather Avis, mother of three adopted children, two with Down syndrome, in her book, The Lucky Few! The arrow pattern came when Mica designed a simple tattoo to celebrate being the parent of a child with Down syndrome. After getting this tattoo with a couple of her friends, the symbol went viral and soon, parents all over the nation were getting inked! Thousands of people now have #theluckyfewtattoo and our designs mimic the now recognizable tattoo!!

The Lucky Few gives to Ruby's Rainbow

All of the proceeds from The Lucky Few designs goes to support Ruby's Rainbow! The goal and mission at Ruby’s Rainbow is to grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes, helping them achieve their dreams of higher education while spreading awareness of their capabilities and general awesomeness. Ruby's Rainbow was founded by Liz Plachta, Ruby's mom. She knew the moment she held Ruby, she wanted the world to see what she saw in her. She didn’t know much about Down syndrome, but already knew this perfect little human she was holding was going to change the world’s perception of those “rockin’ it”…just like her. Check out Ruby and Jackson with their The Lucky Few notebooks!

May Designs has provided a scholarship to three students heading to college with the proceeds of these patterns and we are excited to continue to provide more young adults with Down syndrome grants for higher education!

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Sevy is a 16-year-old internationally collected artist with Down syndrome, finding her voice daily through brilliant works of abstract art.

She was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Because she was born with an extra chromosome, in a place where she would never be accepted, she spent the first twelve years of her life in institutions. Her beginning was hard and filled with hurt and trauma. But in 2016, she was finally found and brought home to her forever family in Texas where she is now loved like crazy, living a life full of joy and adventure. All proceeds from these patterns give back to Sandal Gap Studio, a non-profit organization the promotes inclusion through art.

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